HeadUpdated on the 13th of May 2013

On behalf of the Chiefs of Police, the custodians and founders of the Southern African Regional Police Chiefs Cooperation Organisation (SARPCCO), who, in their immutable wisdom, conceived the idea of the SARPCCO Website way back in 2006, during the 11th SARPCCO Annual General Meeting in Lesotho, I wish to announce that the INTERPOL Regional Bureau for Southern Africa, acting in the capacity of the SARPCCO Coordination Office has the pleasure to officially launch the SARPCCO Website. 

Today marks a great day in the unfolding chapter of SARPCCO. The launch of the website allows us to harness the cyber space for constructive purposes. Just as criminals abuse the innocence of the virtual space to commit nefarious activities under pseudo identities, the dawn of the SARPCCO website offers us a unique opportunity to counter such illegal practices, as it opens a window of connectivity with thousands of honest communities across the globe, in the exchange of criminal intelligence, against those who seek nothing but harm and injure. With billions of people having harnessed Facebook, hundreds of millions on Twitter and LinkedIn and now more moving to Whats-app and viber, the potential that SARPCCO.org has in contributing to global and regional peace cannot be under-estimated. 

Through that interaction, the capacity of SARPCCO and INTERPOL will be expanded. We therefore call on members of public and all law enforcement agencies, anywhere in the world, to freely provide tip offs on any forms of suspicious transactions occurring within and outside the region. Our collective desire and source of glory is for us all to contribute to our own security, our own peace. 

Today, SARPCCO is announcing its intention of overcoming geographical and time barriers. Today SARPCCO is pronouncing that it shall not go to sleep and its doors shall remain open 24/7. This website shall be our virtual office. We welcome each and every one of us and in particular, SADC citizens to be deeply acquainted to our homepage. The Contact Us tab shall be checked and monitored as frequently and urgently as the clock ticks. 

As we launch this great initiative which carries the potential of e-policing in the region, I wish to take this opportunity to thank the German International Organisation (GIZ) for their kind support which made this feat possible. I also wish to thank the technical team that worked tirelessly to ensure that all is well that need to be well. For now, let us browse through www.sarpcco.org and navigate the menu on offer. Enjoy it today; enjoy it tomorrow and ever after. 

C. Simfukwe

Head of INTERPOL Regional Bureau Harare/ SARPCCO Coordination Office

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Regional Workshop on Fugitives


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      South Africa


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      16 - 20 September 2013



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